High waist shaping briefs under Rs 500 (Budget Friendly)

Have you ever worried about wearing a dress and showing off your tummy?

Have you ever worried about your belly shown under your pant?

Have you worn a shaper and cannot breathe properly?

Have you ever worn a panty and felt your hip looks flat from the back?

Worry not, we have the perfect high waist panties or briefs which you can wear all day long and give you a firm lift on your stomach and also support your back. We have different types of high waist panties which will help you everyday to combat these difficulties of looking bloated and make you look thick and that too under Rs 500 and in your budget


This embroidered high waist lacy panty are waist and hip supporter with luxe french lace on the upper side of the panty. They are super elastic and breathable as it has moisture absorption material with breathable mesh yarn. This is an all day high waist panty comfort to suit your requirement. It comes in 3 colors.


Gojilove high waist briefs are natural cotton fabric which are permeable and quickly shape your body while making your belly in and have flat stomach.
It is of high quality and has delicate details on the fabric. Available in 3 colors 

This self embroidered shaping briefs are quite elegant and elastic giving a breathable experience when you wear under your dress or pants. Its "you can wear all day" kinda underwear. This cutting edge have consistent outlines which give a full backing and sleek and line free. 

All these shaping briefs are wearable during your exercises regime like yoga, jogging and pilates. Check out on below the link