gojilove period proof and anti-leakage panty


gojilove come up with solutions everytime on your personal and intimate needs and today we want to present you the period panty which will make every lady and women's life easy and calm during those time of every month.

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When women are having menstrual period, even though they use sanitary napkin, there's always an apprehension of leaking blood when they walk or sleep, 'coz the normal panty could not absorb the blood. This may dirty their pants and put them in embarrassed situation, Or when they sleep, the leaking blood will dirty the bedclothes and can be  hard to wash.

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With our period panty, it could avoid these bad situation. all the leaking blood will be prevented or absorbed by our period panty. Using our period panty with sanitary napkin, will give women a wonderful time and nothing to worry!

Specially designed for women’s menstrual period, it adds a layer of waterproof fabric at the bottom of the underwear which can prevent menstruation infiltration and leakage.

We won't say " Happy Period" but we want to feel you safe and secure and not disturb your everyday work or chores !!!

Gojilove period panty comes in 3 colors- Red,Black and purple.