When is all about getting closer..this Valentine!!!

 When you love someone, you lay your heart open to them forever. You give them a part of yourself that you give to no one else!!! So this Valentine's day, we bring you to get a chance to get closer to your loved ones by joining our #getcloser contest.

 Love is very unique thing and we have taken very lightly in our love, but we want you to take a break and pamper yourself and your loved ones. The response has been phenomenal - we have couple who despite of hardships and distance relationships make it happen and have a happily married life.

This is exactly the love-story of Capt. Amrit Koijam and Dr Dineshwori where they have come a long way from mutual admiration since school time to the long distance relationship.
Time have tested them but they have something which keep them rooted and bind them strong - "Faith in their love". They are happily married now, their love growing stronger and beautiful day by day.

Selfless love, commitment and support for each other in their dreams and vision has made them strong and keep them going.
Priyanka and Mrinal's love is so deep that they bring every small things together into perfection and is one of those eternal love !!!

With all the challenges around and differences put away, Sandeep and Shikha built a love which is so strong and cannot be measured in words.

Their love, dedication just shine on forever to make it more everlasting and a lovely one.

**** Contest Alerts*** - Please send us your couple picture with your love and tell us about how you keep going stronger and getting closer.
A lucky winner will be announced soon at the end of this contest.
Love is in the air!!!