Best order online products, intimately yours :)

Some products are really intimate and exclusives that its hard to find and if its available in chemist shop or nearby pharmacy counters, men and women are embarrassed or feel shy to ask about the products at the shop To avoid that awkward situation we always recommend to buy online and make it deliver at your doorstep.

Some of the products which you buy best online are being sorted out by our team to make it hassle free and easily delivered to your doorstep discretely.

1. Female condoms- Best buy at the online shop, mainly its rarely available at chemist shop and if available you don't want to raise many heads turn on you by asking it. Avoid those freaking look from nearby customers

2. Vibrating ring condom- Yes, a vibrating ring are for the ultimate pleasure which is a condom accessory but you dont want the shopkeeper give that look," Yes man, you are going to enjoy it".

3. Breast firming cream and Penis Enlargement cream - People want to buy this online especially they dont want to show others that size matters and they are really working hard on it. We love the efforts you are putting though,but many don't understand it :(

4. Delay Sprays : One of the products which is best kept secret and just talked about in the bedroom is the delay sprays. 

5.Kissable Massage oil : Who doesnt want a long and pleasure massage after a long and hectic day and that too from your partner lovingly and the kissable massage oil which is available in our store can help you in getting the arousal a long way.