Why and how you should use lubes in sex ?

Many people have asked how to use lubes during sex and why they should use it ? Is a essential ingredient to sex it up !!!! 

Yes there are many reasons why you should use lubes and some of them are : 

1.Warming up:It is essential to warm up before the final do, yes there are many erogenous zones and to touch and massage them a lube might come in handy. So go on, take some lubes and massage your partner's body parts and warm up.

2.Bring the hand job to a next level with the lube:You must have gone beyond the handjob level but with the help of the lube, you can start massaging his thighs and pelvis and then it goes on till he reach the climax.

3.Use the flavor ones during oral sex:When you are a giver, you need to have a choice and a flavor lube always gives you more perks of giving it more satisfactorily. It intensifies the experience with the smell and taste. Next time you can ask for a favor too ;)

 4.Make it better:If you want to go it natural, you can but ts worth trying the lubes for better and wetter sex . It moisturize the skin and make the lovemaking a  smooth one without getting dry up easily.

5.Spice up anally:If you are those experimenters and you need to do anal sex then definitely you need those lubes to smoothen the most dried and thick area and you definitely need a superior and good quality of lubes.



Take a few drops of Lubes and put in your private parts or any erogenous zone and massage it. This makes them wetter and smoother for any foreplay or sex time.

Or if you are using condoms: 

Apply The Lube To The Condom. If you're using a condom, then once it's on,apply the lube to the outside of it. Although a little lube on the penis inside the condom is good, too, you don't want there being too much. The slippery situation should be going on more so outside the condom than inside the condom (ref. to google )