Top 6 ways to last long in bed and make your partner happy!!!

Have you been trying to last longer in the bed with your partner and extend the sex time for good?
Here are some of the long lasting tips which you have to take care and make your bed . How many minutes you should last to have a happy sex is not accurate but being not able to last long is a worry for many couples and if you can't last long say for about 3-4 minutes, you need to be careful why exactly is not happening.

Though we can't help you directly to be the master in 2 days or 1 week, here are few guidelines which can actually help you in getting the mood and vibes right:

1. Eat Healthy: Having good natural and fresh foods like vegetables and fruits make you get more energy naturally and stamina gets better. A study have shown that vegetarians much longer in bed than non-vegetarians, what about Vegan ( we are yet to find out ). Yes there are many fruits and vegetables which are aphrodisiac also.

2. Be Fit and work out: Exercise in any form is good for you as it strengthens the muscles and also your bedroom postion needs you to be a fit to handle all different position. Start any form of exercise-running, walking, yoga and swimming etc. Sex and exercise are a better combo any day.

3. Get rid of bad habits like too much of smoking and drinking:  Smoking and drinking can definitely harm any part of your body including the sexual organs in its functioning too. They both has negative impact and studies have shown that it cause erectile dysfunction due to poor blood flow to the penis.

4. Change in sex postures: A same posture will make you get bored so its better to change the sex positions frequently and it also helps you in avoiding premature ejaculation.It is better to change position when you are about to hit the orgasm and this will give more sexual pleasure and experience

5. Focus on foreplay: A foreplay can really enhance the experience kissing,touching,pillow talk and the use of toys and restraints will make it more last long. A lot more manual stimulation and oral head-ups might make her more satisfied and making it more long.

6. Use of desensitizing cream: There are lots of lubes/lotions and creams to numb sensations during sex and allowing the men to hold off the climax for more time.You should look out for such creams which are natural and good for skin and make it more lasting and good. We have in gojilove one of our best sellers and many customers loved it.

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Disclaimer : We are not responsible for any direct treatments or direct advise for any particular topic but we are sharing all the information through our secondary research which already existed and we wont take any responsibilities for any guideline's effect .