Top 5 places to have sex this Valentine apart from bedroom!!!

Valentine has always been special to all the lovers and they want to pamper their loved ones on this special day. Who doesn't love flowers, cakes, treats and surprises.. and yeah surprises with excitement is all that counts at the end of the day. 

This Valentine, we want you and your partner to get closer and make them feel loved and pamper and whats more than giving them a small, fun and wild moment maybe from a quickie in an elevator to making out in cinema theater and top it up with a wrapping up on the kitchen slab.

Location has always been given preference to have sexual desire experience and also enhance and ignite the passion more. A good and fun location also help couple get more connected during the experience.

So we figured out some places or location which is a must try and heat up the desire meter and give this Valentines day more love stroke. The hot list you must try out are :

1. In an Elevator : What more can heat up than taking those step ahead apart only from the glares you had in an elevator with your partner. Its spontaneous, wild and fun and yeah who can forget those first kiss elevator scenes from Fifty shades of grey. Bring back those grey factor in you :)

2. Cinema Theatre : More than the movie, you can enjoy the real scenes between you and your love. You just need to choose the right place and that corner seat and few popcorns to use it as a foreplay prop.We leave you the imagination to your own self.

 3. Kitchen counter : Many of the people and especially those young couples try it out on the kitchen counter and term as a passe for regular and experience ones, but we always say why not spice up like cooking together and kneading the dough and end up on the kitchen counter slab like a good chef and don't forget to put that sexy apron. Ahem!!!

4. Long Drive : Nothing beats a long drive,warm seats and those adrenaline rush with the speed. Take it slow and park your car in a less driven road and put your seat back and steam up those windows . You can bring back Kate and Leo mood in Titanic ;)

5. On the Beach : Sex on the beach can be one of the most romantic among the list and many women feel its one of the best as atmosphere and ambience gives additional advantage to the mood too. Whats more, you can even book an island and make your love ones feel pampered and relax too.

This Valentine, forget everything and go to a new and exciting place and explore more with your partner and get closer. Life is too short so make it all the more beautiful by making someone feel special.