Why "Foreplay" is a must to your woman!!!

Foreplay is a basic set of emotionally and physically intimacy act between the couple to bring more desire and sexual arousal.

Foreplay is a prerequisite activity to your woman for many reasons even though many men dont take it seriously and straight away jump to the activity. Its very touchy topic for every women as the lady knows how much you desire her by every stroke of your foreplay.

Foreplay should be conducted by every man for some solid reasons:

1. It is a good way to warm her up and keep her desire going.

2. It increases the emotional intimacy between you and your partner.

3. It brings confidence and trust in her so that her sexual desire is reflected while making love and keep the interest going on. So spank on...

4. Foreplay like kissing and stroking her breast keeps her focus back if she starts to lose out the interest.

5. A good roleplaying foreplay can create interest and bring a lot more fun in the bedroom.

So, never forget to start the foreplay before the big thing as it is a very close thing to every woman's bedroom desire.

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