When not to have Friends with benefits!!!!

We go through a lot of ups and down in love and relationships and finally cant handle the only loved partner and decided to break up and let it go. After the break up, to get rid of those break up blues and you decided to go for a milder version and hence thought about friends and relationship again.

arrrgh..friends with benefits!!!

Here are some of the reality checks to see if you are ready for that friend with benefits moment:

1.     Not yet over in your head: You are still not yet over your break up phase and have been reading about all the previous love sms again and again.

2.     Not curing the hangover: You should not jump off the radar just to beat the blues and the hangover and go ahead and find someone just for the sake of having sex.

3.     Not a right choice: You had this friend and your emotions for him/ her clinging on since many years..bad choice to confess your long time feelings now at this phase

4.     Not emotional attachment: You don’t need to bond over mental capability as it can lead  to serious emotional attachment rather than physical

5.     Not a dating time: This is not your date so keep it firm and not personal so don’t cling on.

6.     Not including in your circle group yet: You are not hanging out with this friend for over a movie or a football match watch with your peer group. Keep it purely for fun and casual sex.

7.     Not introducing to your family: You are having fun so it’s too early for any introduction to your friends and families.

So it’s not easy to be only friends and also taking all the benefits without a heart. 

Think again before going to another phase of emotional turmoil (if not handle properly)!!!

Are you ready ???