Morning sex- yah or nay!!!

 When we talk about sex, timing plays a very important role. 

Morning sex is one of the best and enthralling amongst couple to start their day off and make it more productive in the work later. Apart from that there are many reasons you cant ignore your morning cup of love and sex..check it out!!!

Our 6 hot pick why we say morning ones are the best ones ;-

1.First thing first- Cuddling and touching someone you love first thing in the morning is always great.


2.Ever-ready- You are in ready mood with your clothes off

3.Orgasm point-Getting an orgasm first thing in the morning is the cure for many possible things in life including work load and stress. 

4.  Alternate work out- You can actually put your gym work out in a shame so work it out and bring the pleasure 


5.  Less Caffeine day - Hot coffee can wait rather you have a hot partner to spice you up 


6.  Love forever - It’s a reaffirmation of many thoughts that you are still in love with that person but every new day forever.

So start your day with the morning sex workout and let it become more successful and productive throughout the day.

And you can’t get home soon to see each other soon again!!!