Explore the kinkiness with Spanking - BE SPANKSTERS

Explore your kinkiness with those SPANKING sessions!!

Spanking has become such a hit amongst those BDSM practitioners with a bit of tickle and slap.

It stimulates the nerve endings and releases the pleasurable endorphins and increase the flow of blood,making it sensitive and arouse . 

It  definitely brings the satisfaction levels amongst the dominant and submissive partners.

Spankings can be playful to satisfy a craving, or involve ideas of loving domestic discipline. 


We, at gojilove have quite a few range which can fit your budget.Some of the budget friendly props you can use at the Spanking sessions are :

1.     Floggers: a whip-like handle with multiple thick tails. It is typically made from leather (or similar) and brings an intense and pleasure pain with every strike.

2.     Strap - a broad, heavy strip of leather, with an easy to grip handle, a strap is easy to control and can be used in a variety of positions

3. Handcuffs – In order to bring more play and pleasure, your partner can be handcuffed and  you can enjoy all the mild bondage acts


 4. Add some accessories like love bell or nipple pasties to bring more excitement amongst the partners.

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