gojilove "hearts" Net Neutrality- Save the internet!!!

As a start up , we believe in the power of internet. Internet is everything we are dependent on to reach you, yes to our love which is our " consumer" without which we won't be 2 months old now.

We believe that WWW is a great leveller and is a tool to enrich  everyone's lives and for a start -up like us and for many more to come up  to fill many  gaps in our country like India we need net neutrality to help to reach each and every corner of our country.

We highly condemn the act of splitting India's internet into many internets.

We all can become one by supporting this #NetNeutralityIndia

Your support is just a click away. 

Please visit this link, and send an e-mail to TRAI, demanding a free, open internet: http://www.savetheinternet.in/

If you are a start up, please fill up this form too .


Please share this post on your walls,and tweets and to your frens and family and play a part in preserving the web history in India. Please send before 24th of April.